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Hello Spring: Hello Cute Handbags and Gorgeous Shoes

As I mentioned in the previous post, fashion is something that changes fast; it’s quite hard to keep up and buy everything that’s trending now. To spice up an outfit or give it that extra something, I put on cute shoes and a handbag. Great shoes are a must, whether or not you are wearing heels or flats, they must be comfortable. The same goes for bags. Below are my top picks of cute spring/summer bags and heels.

About Handbags: 

Shoes are something I invest in; handbags are something I collect. Yet, I do have to say the older I get, the more aware I become of the purses I buy. Not all are comfortable to wear on the shoulder.  Crossbody is my favorite style to wear and is the best for our back.

Gucci Bag and Shoes
Here are a few of my favorite spring/summer crossbody bags


Handbags: Round Bag is from Bali, Blue bag is from TJX , similar to Cult Gaia Bag was also purchased at TJX! Amazing as to what you can find at TJMax

Chloe faye small leather and suede shoulder bag in the color Ivory. I’m completely in love with this bag, maybe for my birthday I get one.

Danse Lente Phoebe color-block leather shoulder bag/ two toned. Orange is a great color for, any season.

JW Anderson Disc color-block leather shoulder bag.

Salvatore Ferragam Thalia Small Shoulder Bag. Cute white bag with incredible beading. The perfect summer bag.

Benedetta Bruzziches Carmen Clutch with Hand (can be worn cross body). Need a cutch that you don’t have to carrie in your hand, well this is the perfect option I love the color and the hand that functions as a clasp. Even thought it won’t fit a lot, and isn’t great for everyday, it’s the perfect accessory to a subtle outfit.

Cleobella Monaco Tote in beautiful bright orange color or as they state it on the website in the color Salsa.

Santi Heart Clutch in the color red. Although it’s small, this bag could be a great addition to a summer outfit.

– kookai Marlowe Bag this bag is absolutely gorgeous! May not be functional for everyday use, but for a night out it would be perfect. 

Gucci GG Marmont mini quilted velvet shoulder bag. I have the larger version and it’s my favorite.  This handbag is incredibly comfortable, compact and can fit a lot inside. I usually carrie a large wallet, phone, a bit of make up and sunglasses, all fit without a problem. The fun color makes it a perfect bag to wear it all year round, I kind of wish I had another (mine is starting to fade a bit in some places).
Hello Spring: Hello Cute Handbags and Gorgeous Shoes
All about shoes: 

Cute and comfortable shoes are a must! My shoes must be both, plus made from natural materials (especially for the summer).

-That’s not including sneakers. Most workout shoes are made from synthetic material. Which is reasonable, considering we buy them to last the hardest workouts or withstand the harshest environments. However, even in this department, we can find natural fibers, high quality, and reasonable price.  

Top High Heels From Net A Porter: 

Alexander Wang Studded Suede Mules. The neutral tone is perfect for an outfit and the heel is very comfy for all day wear. I have these mules in hot pink and let me tell you they stand out.

Gianvito Rossi Mules are perfect. Out of the four colors my favorite are white “100 leather mules” and “Alise 105 PVC and patent-leather mules.” I need to get this pair and I think I will be buying it 🙂 

Jennifer Chamandi in the color Rolando 105 two-tone leather simple and elegant. 

Gianvito Rossi heels are very similar to the mules. The nude sandals with slick straps are perfect for any occasion. 

Aquazzura Purist polka-dot elaphe sandals. Love the simple print on this pair of sandals. 

Saint Laurent paige leather platform sandals in cream white color, the perfect 80’s shoe. 

Christian Louboutin choca lux studded leather sandals, I mean who hasn’t dreamed of owning a pair of Louboutin’s. This pair is cute, stylish and perfect for the summer. With all shoe’s made by this designer I strongly recommend to try different style on, to find the perfect fit. 

Alaia white studded leather sandals are seen of very model, blogger and actress. It seems as if you got the money and style this is a pair of shoes you have to have in your closet. This particular pair is the most expensive on the list, invest only if they are the perfect pair you can not live without. 

Giuseppe Zanotti, Schutz, Sergio Rossi
Summer Shoes #Schutz #sergiorossi #giuseppezanotti
Summer Closet Musts, Neutral Colors, Whites and Blues
Had to share this photo of my dog and the love she has for shoes that fashionista.



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