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ZARA Quality and Price: Do more expensive items have Better Quality?

I love shopping, and I love good quality merchandise at a reasonable price. Although not everything I buy is at a low cost, for example, I will not spare any expense for two items shoes and handbags. For clothing, I shop everywhere. Because fashion changes extremely fast, there is almost no way to keep up, except to buy fast-fashion. Consumers like me turn to brands/stores such as ZARA, H&M and let’s say Aritzia for quality fashionable items. However, the more I shop, the more I begin to question the quality and the price of items we are buying. Are more expensive items tend to have better quality? Let’s find out what ZARA has in store for us. 

Purchasing five items from ZARA I decided to review the quality and the wear and tear starting from the most expensive item and ending with the least expensive. 


This purple tweed dress is chic, stylish and reminds me of Chanel. What I loved are the color and the fabric texture made to look like high-end fashion. However, looks are deceiving. For the price, a bit more love was needed in the creation of this dress.

What I didn’t like: First thing I noticed the buttons started to fall off, despite the fact they aren’t intended for use. The zipper on the side is how you get in this garment. They should off used a bit more thread to sew them down for good.

As well the length of the dress is questionable. If you are a model with a hight of 5″10 then this dress is perfect for you, and for others well you’ll have to shorten it. Unless you know how to sew, taking it to a tailor isn’t worth the money. 

In the end: Do I recommend buying this dress? I would have to say no! Items like this dress are hard to wear. What I mean is not everything will flow with this dress, creating a cute outfit. ZARA has a lot of other possibilities, that cost less and have better quality. 

Outfit Two and Three: LONG PRINTED DRESS & JUMPSUIT WITH BELT Priced at $69.90
ZARA Jumpsuit With Belt, TJX Bag, Sandro Jacket, Chanel Shoes
ZARA Jumpsuit With Belt, TJX Bag, Sandro Jacket, Chanel Shoes

Jumpsuit With Belt: The jumpsuit was definitely one of my favorite items I purchased. Light, flowy and great neutral color that can be easily paired with shoes, bags, and jackets. 

Also, I love the fact that it came with a belt. I don’t have a large selection of belts which made this a nice addition to my closet. 

Side note: Because this jumpsuit is so light and a bit roomy, it needed a bit of layering. The top portion has a large slit, and unless you like showing your cleavage, I would recommend putting on a cute top or maybe even a cute lacy top/bra. 

I would recommend buying this item and adding it to your summer closet, however it’s not longer available. 

ZARA Jumpsuit With Belt, Shoes Chanel, Sunglasses By Quay Australia
ZARA Jumpsuit With Belt, Shoes Chanel, Sunglasses By Quay Australia


Long Printed Dress ZARA, Dior Shoes
Long Printed Dress ZARA, Shoes Dior

Long Printed Dress: This DRESS was my favorite out of the five items. The print is everything, beige with blue flowers nothing more, but it popped and stood out (particularly) on the busy streets of New York. 

This dress like the jumpsuit, very light and flowy, the perfect combination to wear to the office with a blazer and for the evening take it off, and you got a date night dress. 

Love clothing that serves more than one purpose and doesn’t wrinkle fast. This item is sold out, but a few other dress, similar in style are available at ZARA. 

Outfit Four & Five: TWO TONE KNIT DRESS & Z1975 BUTTONED DRESS Priced at $49.90

Two Tone Knit Dress: I chose this dress due to its color, Hot Pink is in! On the website, it stood out, and it was no different in real life. I figured this dress was something I could wear often. However, I was wrong.

The dress fit oddly around my body. The neckline was a bit tight, and it felt uncomfortable. The waist wasn’t form fitting as I hoped it would be. The fabric was to loose around the middle, and when walking, it would rise and create unflattering folds in the garment.

Side Note: One of my friends tried on the dress, and it fit her better than me. It wasn’t as tight around the neck, and the waist wasn’t an issue. What she didn’t like was the length. Everyone’s body is unique and the fit is going to vary. 

– Try it at a store before buying, instead of ordering online. 

TWO TONE KNIT DRESS, Shoes Vince, Socks Calzedonia
ZARA Dress, Black Top From Sandro, Shoes Jimmy Choo
ZARA Dress, Black Top From Sandro, Shoes Jimmy Choo

Z1975 Buttoned Dress reminded me of a dress I had when I was little. Except mine wasn’t from ZARA, and it had cute lions printed on the pockets. Reliving my childhood memories I decided to buy this jean dress, but I was a bit disappointed.

The fit of this dress was tight as if I needed a size bigger. The straps, way to bulky and unflattering. 

– Try it at a store before buying, instead of ordering online. 

REVIEW: All five items had their positives, & some of them had negatives. The two garments that were the most flattering on me weren’t the most expensive. The jumpsuit & the dress sold out quickly compared to the other three that are still available for purchase (that tells you something right ?)
Overall what I found out from my little research is more expensive doesn’t always mean better quality or the most sought after item.

UP NEXT (Hello Spring, More on Shoes & Handbags) 

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