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Woman In Pink: I am Obsessed with Every shade of Pink this Season

This summer I am all about every shade of pink. I not sure as to what’s happening but I can’t get enough of this tone. Maybe it all has to do with the fact that it’s the middle of May and yet we have barely seen a warm day. The pink shade makes me think of hot summer days, unquestionably full of girls nights out and attending various events.

While fantasizing about, the days to come I have focused on posting some of my outfits on Instagram. However I don’t want to spot there, I want to share my love for pink by sharing top designer creations, in the hopes of giving great style ideas and suggestions for the upcoming summer.

Pretty In Pink: ZARA Top and Kookai Skirt
Pretty In Pink: ZARA Top & Kookai Skirt, Shoes By Dior






High fashion is something I will always love. The avant-garde designs and the exquisite craftsmanship is what makes couture so unique and not to mention it shapes the way we dress/view fashion. Owning a piece of the luxuries pie will always be something I’ll want and have a place in my closet. Woman in Pink isn’t about couture; it’s about what can we find that’s fashionable and affordable.

As I chose my outfits, I thought of summer days and started to mix and match different pieces of clothing. Here is what I came up with and more:





ZARA Skirt, Ronny Kobo Top, Shoes Valentino
ZARA Skirt, Ronny Kobo Top, Shoes Valentino
All About Pink Hues:

The color pink has many shades/hues why shop only for the traditional hot pink or baby pink. Let’s go for every shade on the spectrum. For example coral: another great hue of pink that’s subtle and very pleasing to the eye. This skirt from ZARA has that beautiful coral tone, paired with a crop top by Ronny Kobo and shoes by none other than Valentino.

Kookai is an Australian brand that has many form-fitting clothing items such as my skirt. I love that much of what this brand produces is inexpensive, simple yet fashionable, and made for hot weather. The top from ZARA was shockingly very flattering, highlighting all the right parts like my waist. The pair of Dior heels I’ve had for a very long time (it was a gift from a coworker). If you read this Shelly, thank you for the shoes.
Kookai Pink Skirt
Similar Skirts that are currently available at Kookai. Phoenix Skirt & Chic Skirt
Favorite Pink Dresses From Intermix:
1. Bianca Floral Print Midi Dress by SALONI 2. One Shoulder Sequin Mini Dress by RETROFÊTE 3.Wembley Stripe Midi Dress by SILVIA TCHERASSI


Bubble Gum Pink Blazer by ZARA 
Casual Dresses under 300 Dollars from ShopBop:
1.Maxi Dress with Side Trim by Sundry 2. Rib Tank Dress by 525 America 3. Winslow Dress by XIRENA



One of the trends for the 2019 summer is a floral print. ZARA as usually has produced many stylish, and inexpensive representations of this current trend. This floral dress is one of them.


ZARA Blazers in Pink

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