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Visit Victor Harbor: “Give Way to Penguins” The Granite Island

From Port Augusta, we drove down rote A1 hoping to arrive in Victor Harbor by late afternoon, but a wrong turn took us on highway B80 that passed through Barossa Valley, that is home to 150 wineries. I guess Victor Harbor had to wait and so did our sleep (read more about my wine tasting experience on the previous blog post). I think I’m becoming a wine buff that can’t live without red wine.

Trying, tasting and enjoying vineyard after vineyard, as well as driving for hours wore us out, and it was time to head to a perfect little town of Victor Harbor for some much-needed rest. The settlement is in an ideal location, positioned by the sea, with excellent coastline views, scenic walks, and a variety of restaurants. What more could you want from a quick one day stop? I loved, walking on the beach where the camels slowly stroll behind their trainer along the water, offering 10min rides.

Victor Harbor

Where to stay in Victor Harbor: 

To get our beauty sleep, we booked a room at the Anchorage Seafront Hotel, for one night (price was USD 95). The hotel is old, and for no apparent reason, it reminded me of a haunted house, of course, nothing inside was scary. Sure, the long white hallways and the squeaky wooden floors might seem a bit uncomfortable at night, however when you’ve been driving for hours nothing will stop you from falling asleep. The room inside is big enough that it can fit two beds, one queen, and one single bed along with loads of luggage. The best part about this hotel is its located across the beach with excellent views of the Granite Island. To book a great rental through Airbnb click on my log Lifellenadya and receive $40 for a first time booking.

One of Victor Harbor’s main attractions is the heritage Horse pulled tram service connecting the two lands together  

The Granite Island home to Penguins: 

The Granite Island was where we walked to in the morning, after having breakfast at the hotel. The island is home to a tiny penguin colony; hence the road sing “give way to penguins.” Stroll or hike this granite land, either way; you’ll enjoy the ocean view and maybe even get to see the tiny birds. I sat on the large bloggers for a few minutes watching the waves, hoping to see the Southern Right Whales. However, they only appear during the colder months May to October (remember Australia, is on the other side of the equator there for when it’s winter in America it’s summer in Australia).

Victor Harbor

“Give way to Penguins.”

Speaking of whales, and penguins, I wished I could have visited the Kangaroo Island, I hear it’s full of exotic animals. But with limited time and a set plant to drive to Sydney stopping at random locations, we weren’t able to do it. As well for one night, the trip would have been way too expensive. For more information about ferry fees and booking hotels click on Day Tours & Short Breaks Kangaroo Island.

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