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Tiramisu aux fruits rouges or simply my Food Coma In Paris

Have you ever tasted something so delicious that you can’t seem to get enough of it? The sweet, rich mouth-watering taste that leaves you wanting more of the yummy delight? Well, this is how I feel about a place called “Bread and Roses.” A small bakery/restaurant, full of delicious smells and tasty treats including my favorite Tiramisu aux Fruits Rouges. This felt like being at the “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

How I found the bakery Bread and Roses

It all started out with a simple task to go out and buy a birthday gift for me. However having so many great choices, my head couldn’t take it all in, and I had to take a break. What’s better to do than to drink a cup of good coffee and stuff myself rotten. Well, in my case – nothing. Therefore, not thinking about it too much, I took a tour of the local restaurants and asked around for an excellent place to have a coffee. That is how I discovered “Bread & Roses.” Located on 25 Rue Boissy d’Anglas, 75008 Paris, France near the busy street full of boutiques and nest to where I was shopping. Sitting by the window and drinking a latte while looking at the menu I decided to order something random, which proved to be a wise idea.

Why I got addicted to “Bread and Roses” bakery? Simple “Tiramisu aux fruits rouges”

Now the Tiramisu aux fruits rouges isn’t like a tiramisu you get at a local restaurant or any other place. I would even call it something extraordinary. I understand that for some it’s just another cake full of calories, but for me, it was a game changer.  The cream, the fluffy pastry, and the freshly picked fruit all were way too delicious and way to addicting. Simply an irresistible combination. In fact, I had to stop by the bakery three more times to satisfy my sweet tooth before leaving the city of Love. One bite was all it took, and I got hooked, to this treat and “Bread and Roses” bakery.

P.S. I do recommend eating here strictly the sweets with a coffee or a latte.

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