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Valle de Colchagua

Without a doubt, Santa Cruz is a wine lovers’ town. This pretty little settlement is located at the heart of Chile’s finest wine-making region “Ruta del Vino Valle de Colchagua.” It features some of the best wineries and delicious first-class wine. Visiting eight local chateaus and trying their wine was an absolute a priority on my to-do list.

Laura Hartwig Winery: 

The winery was one of those eight chateaus that I visited. Conveniently located five minutes away from town. Friendly atmosphere, rustic backcountry charm, well-trained personnel, was everything I hoped for and needed (not to mention five glasses of superb wine!).

This charming estate offers two tasting tours. Both provide an excursion of the vineyard and of the vessel room. The first one includes two varieties of wine to taste for CH$12,000. The second—three wine varieties alongside some cheese and dried fruit for CH$16,000.

As wonderful as the tours might sound, I always prefer to explore on my own! Thus, enjoying five glasses of wine with a beautiful view of the sunset on a summer evening was my way of experiencing everything Laura Hartwig had to offer.

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