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Green Velvet Blazer by Alice and Olivia: Bold Colors Trending Now

I do love fashion. Discovering new designers, buying something new, putting a cool outfit together. I love it all, but choosing the right clothing to buy from the endless sea of boutiques is getting harder. The choices are limitless, and the prices vary from really cheap to very expensive. It seems that almost everyday a new designer pops up on social media’s radar and introduces a new look. My way out is to stick with the basics, natural colors, a few good pairs of jeans and pants, something that would be easy to mix with a fashion statement pace.

The green velvet blazer by Alice and Olivia that I recently purchased from Nordstroms was that statement piece. It’s beautiful but pairing it with the wrong clothing could look like a disaster.

However, mixing it with an elegant Figue tuxedo shirt, MaxMara jeans and black heels was a great way to make it look chic and something I could wear often.

The green velvet blazer by Alice and Olivia

The green velvet blazer by Alice and Olivia isn’t sold online. I might off gotten the last one. However, this spring season is all about bursts of color and neutrals. Here are a few options for jackets:

Lavender (Iris) Jacket, Baby Blue with floral print Blazer, and the Neon Yellow Coat. All jackets are by Alice and Olivia. P.S neon yellow and hot pink are very in this season, so don’t be afraid to put some color on.  


Where to get great jeans, well that’s always hard for me. I love a good pair of jeans, high waisted (makes me feel secure) and they need to have just the right stretch. My dream is to own a pair of Levis, but they never seem to fit over my butt, or the fit is too large. Therefore when I find a good pair of jeans, I can’t stop wearing them. Max Mara isn’t where I would typically buy jeans. I thought it was too expensive (and it is in the US at least). However in Paris, during the sale season, a pair of MaxMara jeans would cost around 150 dollars. I know for some that’s also expensive, but the wear and tear is Amazing. It’s a pair of jeans you will have for years to come.

Since I bought my pair in Paris and during the sale: here are a few options of jeans and pants that I absolutely love:

Green Velvet Jacket by Alice and Olivia

Neon Yellow Jeans by Alice and Olivia (absolutely love them), White Flare Pant by Alice and Olivia,  Shiny Striped Leggings by Sandro (currently on sale), The Yoko Slim Jeans sold at Aritzia by Denim Forum. To note :I haven’t tried any on the pants, these are marly my style recommendations for what to look for or buy.

Green Velvet Jacket by Alice and Olivia

Shoes: I spear no expense buying a good pair of shoes. The most comfortable pair of heels I have ever owned are by NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD 

A closer look at the Figue Tux shirt.

A closer look at the Figue Tux shirt. The beading and the artistry that goes into making one of these is unbelievable. No matter what’s going to be trendy, I will always wear my shirts; I have four of them. I got lucky to have worked for this bohemian brand, a few years back. My experience at Figue taught me how to be more bold with colors, how to mix and match and gave me the courage to experiment with styles. I was never a girl of one fashion, and never will be. I look good in different outfits, and no one can say otherwise. Thank you Figue for giving me the courage to be myself!

Currently Figue doesn’t have any tux shirts. I don’t know if they stopped making them or not, however I found the perfect top to go along with a bold colored jacket. The Nora Top a “‘70s tunic-style top”-Figue with beading and a pop of color would be great.

Scunci a headband, comfy and trendy.

All of us are jumping on the social media bandwagon. I mean what a great way to showcase your talent or product. Large and small brands are using influencers to promote their merchandise. Sometimes brands ask bloggers to design products for them, in hopes that they would reach more potential clients. Scunci a hair product company did just that, and it worked great. Sincerely Jules (a famous blogger) designed a line of headbands, clips and hair ties for the brand currently sold at Target or on the official website. Not only are the hair accessories cute and trendy, but also are very well made and comfortable, as well as very reasonably priced.



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