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Donde El Gordito

Purto Varas is incredibly appealing little town with German colonial architecture. This town happens to resemble Pucon due to its amazing location on the shore of Lago Llanquihue lake with close proximity to two massive volcanoes—Osorno and Calbuco.

While exploring this amazing place I discovered an intricate restaurant “Donde El Gordito.” Honestly, after a hectic day, it happened to be a great find that provided me with a wonderful way to spend my evening experiencing local cuisine in all its glory.

This venue, which is literally a “hole in a wall,” boasts unique design, entertaining atmosphere, very reasonable prices, unbelievable choice of seafood, and friendly staff. What’s not to like? The restaurant is located within a market, it’s difficult to find but completely worth the effort. The interior décor is particularly remarkable: myriad miscellaneous articles—including what seems to be a million dangling napkins—are hung everywhere. Looking up close, each napkin bears a special handwritten note from customers who have enjoyed their food and service. In addition, the unbelievable number of foreign bills—gifts from international customers—glued to the wall by the register. The distinctive décor makes you wonder—what kind of fun dishes the chef is cooking up in the kitchen?

The food, arriving in large portions, is very scrumptious with a funky twist. Whether it’s a baked salmon steak with capers and mustard, or a whole grilled trout, the food is simply delicious. When traveling, I try many restaurants, and, usually, only a few leave me happy. This place definitely made it to my list, leaving me happy and satisfied.

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