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King James VI nursery turned into Darnley Coffee House: would eat here?

Darnley Coffee House is a great place to eat lunch while visiting the city of Stirling, Scotland. The interior of this café looks like the inside of a dungeon. Century-old stones wrap the ceiling and walls, and dark wood floors cover much of the facility, with the only light source coming in from the tiny windows that seemed to be carved out in the wall.

The History of Darnley Coffee House:

I guess not much has changed since the 16th century when it was built, except the modern 21st-century touches. However, take away the contemporary influence of our time, then all that’s left is an old historical building the was once home to Lord Darnley and Mary Queen of Scots, later transformed into a nursery for their son King James VI. Over the next 400 year, this structure was everything from a dairy, a brothel, and a tourist office. Today transformed into a lovely café that produces excellent toasties and very sweet homemade cordial.

What to EAT:

Here you can find, tasty treats such as toasties that range in price from £5.40 to £6.20. Backed potatoes seem to be a favorite among the locals, and here you can find a large variety ingredients added on top of the vegetable, prices range from £4.20 to £6.20. As well as they serve a variety of delicious cold sandwiches and small plates for someone that is not that hungry or wants to add to their order. The drink menu is also sizeable, filled with different coffee drinks, hot chocolate, cold beverages, and an assortment of hot tea. For someone with a sweet tooth, they have you covered at this place. The dessert menu has things like carrot cake, ice cream, fruit slice among other tempting delights. What I loved about this coffee house is you can definably have a good, satisfying lunch and stay on a budget of £20.00.

Darnley Coffee House for the outside
Street view of Darnley Coffee House

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